Alien Workshop Soldier Cruiser Review

Pros: Alien Workshop is a great company, the Alien Workshop Soldier board looks awesome, built with quality from the strong ply, quality trucks and rolls smooth with Abec 3 bearings. This board is great for beginners or advanced.
Cons: The Alien soldier board is not the cheapest one out there for what it does, it’s more for just cruising around on.

Alien Workshop Soldier CruiserI don’t know about you but I think this is one of the coolest boards I have ever seen. This Alien Workshop Soldier Cruiser is a 10.12“ x 31.5“ skateboard that is an ideal excuse to leave the house and ensure that you have a good timeout with your family & friends.

Skateboards have been full of fun & excitement that is quite addictive. This is what makes the Alien Workshop Cruiser an ideal companion for people and ensure that they take out time to go for jogging, walking, sprinting and even sliding with the cruising skateboard.

This skateboard is an ideal alternative to some of the boring looking skateboards around especially because of its design that is simply superb. The shape of the board is synonymous to the Alien shape and the best selling model is the one in red.

It has ample room for users to firmly plant their feet on the deck that is made up of thick ply for longer durability and better functionality and convenience. Apart from these features, the skateboard also comes with die cut grip tape, 1/4“ riser pads, stoneground AWS 60mm 778A wheels, bearings and reflex hornet trucks.

A perfect skateboard for better performance

The skateboard or the cruiser board as some might put it is a product that is manufactured by Alien Workshop. The company first came into this business in the year 1990 and since the day of its inception it has rated among some of the finest skateboard manufacturers in the world because of their unusual designs, quality of products and innovation along with exceptional accessories.

The length and the width of the board is 31.5“ and 10.125“ making it a skateboard that is easy to carry and shorter than most of the longboards. Even with such modest design feature, it performs exceptionally well when sliding or pulling up a few tricks or so by the users.

This one is extremely popular among skateboard beginners who are new to this territory. The weight of the skateboard is almost 1 pound, but the package weighs approximately 5.6 pounds. The product is available for online order and shipping via different online stores. The products are quite affordable and it is widely available in various countries.

Convenience and better maintenance

The Abec 3 bearings and reflex trucks make it a solid performer and it is ideal for people of varying weights. The tough ply and excellent graphic design makes it an ideal skateboard especially for the youth and young people.

Maintenance is quite easy as it can be washed easily with cloth and light soap solution to remove the dirt. However, it is important that users do not put water on the deck because that might ruin the texture of the ply.

So, it is an exceptional skateboard that is an ideal choice for beginners as well as people who are semi-professionals. The cost of the product, easy maintenance and convenience to carry the board makes it an amazing product for people to choose. Make sure, you buy the Alien Workshop Soldier Cruiser from a reliable and trusted store.