Atom Mini KickTail Review

Pros: The Atom Mini kicktail skateboard has a touch of elegance to it with the tuxedo graphics, good for all sizes due to the concave deck, handles corners very well and gives the rider a sense of balance, overall a great smooth ride for a mini cruiser.
Cons: It’s a little high off the ground which can make taller people feel of balance.
Atom Mini KickTail Review

Atom Mini KickTail Review

Have you ever thought of getting a small cruiser board? The Atom Mini Kick tail skateboard is not only a fancy setup up but it’s a great “small” option for skaters looking to cruise or pull off some simple tricks. The board itself is 27 inches making it easy to carry, easy to store away or take with you on public transport.

Wheels, Trucks and Performance…

The Mini Kicktail board is quite a stable, balanced mini cruiser due to it’s 51mm wide wheels, the wheels are made with high quality urethane, the stability comes from the 194-millimeter axles and ABEC 5 bearings, ABEC 5 bearings are used by nearly all of the top cruiser brands these days because of the quality and performance.

The kick tail board is made from superior maple laminated timber making it solid and can handle a lot of weight and can handle some hard knocks. The 80s grip tape helps provide the grip you need to really stick, and fly down hills without loosing your footing.

Dimensions & Weight

Atom’s KickTail weighs approximately 6.4 pounds which is reasonably light for these types of boards, the length and width is 27.8 x 9.2 x 5.2 inches. This short cruiser is rather wide at the front with a short width kick tail design making it good for any sized foot.

Is the Mini KickTail Good For Tall People? While I was researching I did find a few buyers that were over 6 foot, they seemed pretty pleased with this mini board, these skaters said that while they are tall, the board sits pretty high of the ground, usually this can cause unbalance for taller people but because of the small concave in the board when turning corners they say the concave helps them to keep their balance.

The Style and Graphics – Suit up!

I really like the tuxedo look, it makes you feel fancy and when I see it I think of times when you chuck a pair of board shorts while wearing the suit top, and jacket if you know what I mean. It’s a simple design but stylish look at the same time.

Atom Mini Kick-Tail

User reviews…

The Atom Mini Kick Tail Skateboard is a popular choice, users are more than happy with their purchase. They say it’s a fun to ride board that “accommodates” feet very well while keeping the skater stable. A great mini board that rides smooth, can be used just about anywhere and easily carried around.

Hold On…The Negatives & Who’s The KickTail Mini Best For?

So it’s a cheap board, this doesn’t mean it’s not good quality. It sits a little high which can cause a feeling of unbalance so it might take a little getting used to the height before the unbalanced feelings go. This is among the “Best Selling” mini cruisers so I am a little surprised that there were not many negative reviews on it, everyone seemed to like the Kick tail cruiser.

What We Think?

If your looking for a mini cruiser, try the Atom Kick-Tail it has received many positive reviews from current owners, the design is stylish, users say it’s a great, smooth ride and you can not beat it for the low price.