Bahne Big Kahuna Cruiser Review

Pros: The price for the Bahne Big Kahuna Cruiser is low, made from quality parts and Bahne are known for making boards that are worth it, design looks great and user reviews all seem very positive.
Cons: While it’s a great cruiser the shape is not the best looking. But other then that there is not to much to complain about.

Bahne Big Kahuna Cruiser Review Bahne Big Kahuna Cruiser is among the few best things which provide complete value for the money invested when it comes to cruiser skateboards. It’s amazing features have blown away cruisers and people are out to impress people, youngsters are delighted to be able ride on this board. The design is fun and highly striking.

How different is the Bahne Big Kahuna Cruiser?

This is among the best of the Bahne cruisers. Those whose love adventure and is game for all types of fun and enjoyment on wheels, will love this specimen who will make everyone gape at it with delight. It moves like a dream and people have said great things about this product.

Features of the Bahne Big Kahuna Cruiser

The top features of this cruiser include a 7 ply all hardwood maple deck with rugged 7-inch trucks made of aluminum. The 35 inch Cruiser long board offered great space for perfect gripping. The 70mm PU wheels along with the smart kick tail, is quite hard and durable.

The price of the board is within range for youngster’s or pro’s crazy about skateboards, the younger skaters would be able to convince their dads easily. Spelling fun and adventure at every inch, this board can become the new obsession for youngsters.

The stylistic graphic is highly striking and the colors made it feel and look fresh and juvenile. So, one can easily pull of all the skateboard tricks he knows and do it with safety and style. All the parts are smooth and at the same time, very tough. So get ready to have the feel of a big-Kahuna, while you dash down town!

Satisfied purchasers what they think about the Bahne Kahuna

This board has satisfied a whole host of people who have bought it. Customer reviews collected from various online shopping sites, we have been able to decipher that majority people have appreciated it and think it’s a great board for the money.

Everyone has talked about the design, color and pattern, which is so much fun and flamboyant that one cannot simply take his eyes off it. The inverted long board trucks have been praised as it they make maneuvering easy. It is almost like this thing in the midst of the long board and the skate board of old school. Thus, old and new, all people will love it.Big Kahuna Cruiser Board

There is enough room to move about comfortably without tripping or falling due to continuous fidgeting. Even though the wheels are a little smaller than the usual one, it is great for this pattern of the board. The grip is good and the rice can be smooth and problem free because of it. Some people had issues with flexibility and they wished it was a little more flexible.

But, its overall the Bahne big kahuna’s performance has been incredible and there are as such no big issues to worry about. These positive reviews have helped many people reach a decision and a lot of them has gone ahead and bought it. The Big Kahuna is a great buy from Bahne, one would never regret and its popularity has soared.