Bahne El Muerto Cruiser

Bahne El Muerto Cruiser is the next big thing for the new generation and cruising with this board is always fun and enjoyable.

Just a decent board designed to do what it’s supposed to. Overall there were no real complaints from owners.

The El Muerto board is extremely cheap, which makes it a great cruiser for beginners, or anyone on a tight budget.

bahne El muerto cruiserNot all boards will do what you need or even perform the way you want, and it’s no different with the Bahne El Muerto Cruiser. If your looking for a cheap, but quality cruiser then this might be the one for you.

It is more fun when the skateboard is up to the mark and accentuates the entire experience of skateboarding. Thus, people who are into it are very specific about the features they want in their skateboards.

Bahne El Muerto Cruiser is the right thing for the new generation cruiser. It has all the fun elements along with great styling and security, so that the entire experience can be enthralling. One should be very conscious while buying these stuffs and check even the minute details, to ensure that they are getting the right value for the money spent.

Cool features of the Bahne El Muerto Cruiser

The best features of this skateboard include a 35 inch long board cruiser. Rugged 7-inch aluminum truck and 7 ply all hardwood deck made of maple wood ensures greater strength and comfort.

The 70mm PU wheels are highly durable and the little kick tail is quite nice. This monster cruiser can sure trigger a whole lot of amusing reactions, when one would step into the college campus, the skate park, the beach or simply town down town.

Bahne has done a great job in building this contemporary board, so that one can sure have great time gliding on it, across the streets. The exaggerated kick tail, concave deck and wide template, further add to its style quotient. The quality is fabulous and everyone who have purchased it, have affirmed it. No matter, how complex the terrain is, one can surely make their way, with smoothness and style.

Are there any complaints?

Bahne El Muerto Cruiser has had no complaints, to be honest. The price they are paying for the board has been vindicated by the package of features punched into them. Therefore, if a father is looking for a skateboard for his son, with a great wood quality and a trustworthy brand name, then this cruiser from Bahne would surely be the one.

With some little adjustments by the cruiser, the skateboard would work perfectly with everyone. People have seemed really happy with the purchase. This product has received five stars mostly, but people have complained about the bad packaging. The overall reviews have been appreciable and people have loved the expanse of the board and the sturdiness.

What do we think and should you get it?

One has quite a few reasons to consider buying this board. The features are great and the wheels are very smooth. Riders, who are experienced at it, can do a great job with this one. Complete safety is ensured and one has no reason to worry about while using it.

It has proved to be one of the best among skateboards. Hassle free and easy to maintain this board is the thing for the generation who spends most of their time on the wheels. So, go wherever you wish to on your skateboard without the extra baggage of tension related to falling or wobbling.