Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style Cruiser Review

Pros: Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style skateboard is an ideal cruise board for people who actively perform skateboard stunts and tricks. It’s small, easy to carry and cheap.

Cons: Not the “coolest” looking board, and it looks cheap. It’s a smaller type of cruiser, this can be good or bad depending on preference. Small width deck.

The Kryptonics skateboard is an excellent option for skateboard users because it provides superb grip for firm grip and its exceptional streamlined design is ideal for aero-dynamics.

Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style CruiserThe deck of this skateboard is made of semi-rigid molded plastic which also boasts molded checkerboard design for additional grip and better control while sliding and flipping.

The urethane wheels are super smooth and injected underneath the deck for smooth ride. The wheels of the Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style skateboard measures about 60 mm x 51 mm in terms of base width that comes with cupped recess on both sides of the skateboard.

People who enjoy outdoor sports can easily opt for the Kryptonics Penny Style skateboard because not only it is a cruiser board but also performs exceptionally well when performing various stunts and this is the reason why it is one of the most sought after and preferred choices among skateboard users. This board has an ergonomic design and it is available in different colors to choose from as per the requirements or needs of the users.

Unconventional design and ergonomic features

The Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style Cruiser skateboard is made of semi-rigid molded plastic along with checkerboard design on top of the deck for better surface grip. It measures around 22.5 x 6 inches and weighs somewhere around the 7 pounds mark.

The manufacturer Kryptonics has been in the limelight as the original wheel maker since its inception in the year 1965. This is one of the classic masterpieces from the company and has been extremely popular among the youths. The design of this skateboard is more like a 70s retro look which comes with a deck that has pre-loaded reverse curve along with tough plastic composition for superb built-quality and added rigidity that is suitable even for heavy riders.

The deck has superb built that can handle extreme compression due to its virtually unbreakable flex. The kicktail of the skateboard is little shallow compared to some of the others and allow users to make the most of its usable angle. The skateboard comes with ABEC 1 bearings along with 3.25 inch trucks and 90 A bushings.

Our final thoughts on the Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style Board

This is one of the finest skateboards that are available in the market and perhaps the best plastic molded ergonomic skateboards for cruising. It is a perfect replacement for bicycles and people who feel convenient in using skateboards to go around places or do certain stunts can opt for this cruiser board.

These skateboards are also available with custom accessories and gear that can make cruising extremely easy and fun-filled. Make sure that as a buyer you scour through various online stores to find out the best deals that are available and compare between the deals to make the most of the offers and rebates for better savings.