Review of Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8

Pros: The Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 is made for cruising, if you want a cruiser this is the board. High quality trucks, bearings and wheels. Small and easy to carry. Smooth riding.
Cons: Not the cheapest board. Good for cruising only.

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 is a concave cruzer skateboard, which has eye-catching shark graphics adding to its appeal. Skateboards are really stuff and youngsters really have a great time having fun skidding and skating with them, on the roads.

Description & Features of the Land Shark Sk8

This concave cruzer skateboard has a 7-ply deck with a 65mm Road Rider 78a wheels. The versatility of this skateboard lies in its cruzer shape which is perfect for rough terrains. The color is blue and white, and its offers a highly cool and fun appeal to it. The sand spray grip is great and measures 27.7x 8.8 inches.

This land Shark concave cruzer board has been manufactured straight from the creative shaping rooms of Santa Cruz skate and surfboards. For better grip on land and high performance, a twin fin is provided. The features implanted within it, makes it a winner, and people have huge liked it. What are the key beneficial points of this skateboard?

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 promises of great performance and stability because of the 8.8×27.7 inches, which ensures great stability within it. Thus, one does not need fear about falling or wobbling. It can support all body sizes and its size offers a protective shield to the cruiser.Santa Cruz Shark Sk8 top One quirky and fun thing about this board is the presence of a bottle opener right below the board, so that one can catch a drink anywhere they go. The complimentary feature of this skateboard is that the grip is sprayed on. It ensures better stability to the cruiser who has a propensity for fall.

There are is an in-built 4.3 inch kick tail, which helps riders to ride in style and also show their skills on the road. Taking sharp turns, become easier and more fun. The front edge provided, is enough for lifting it whenever required. The wheels are substantially big and help in rolling through twigs and rocks. Thus, obstacles on the road can be avoided tactfully.Sk8 Santa Cruz

What about the customer feedback?

It is very essential to check for customer feedback, before plunging in to buying one. There are quite a lot of reviews spread all Santa Cruz Sk8over the web, which help people to make a decision while buying products through online channels. Most people have sounded highly impressed by this Shark skateboard.

The ratings have been fantastic and people all have great things to say about the Sk8. There may be one negative review among ten positive of them. One sure has a lot of reasons to buy the Skate Land Shark. It provides true value for the money invested on it. Its features are great and it is complete and fulfilling for a cruiser skateboard in every possible way.