Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – Is It Any Good?

Pros: Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – Very smooth riding, great for the pavement or road riding. Users say it’s goes over cracks and pebbles with ease. An awesome complete board and even has a bottle opener, great for hot days and long rides.
Cons: The price is not the cheapest, but it’s definitely not as pricey as some others.
Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review

Santa Cruz Rasta longboard is this new 8.8×27.7 inch skateboard which is a flat cruiser deck. It has amazing features, which has been specially worked on to provide easy grip and better maneuvering on the roads. So, people who like riding skateboards and are good at it would definitely love this new cool thing.

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Most people buy this stuff from online stores, which can save a ton of cash. Proper knowledge about the skateboard would enable one to understand whether it would suit their requirement. This new skateboard has a host of all those features, which the youngsters today would require on road.

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – The features

The Santa cruz rasta board has a wheelbase of 16.5 inch and the nose is 2.7 inch. The kick tail is also sufficient and 4.3 inch in dimension. It is made up of bullet hardware and Bullet B137 trucks. Along with them ABEC5 bearings are also affixed.
It comprises of Road rider 78A wheels which are 65 millimeter in measurement. At the bottom of the deck, there is also a bottle opener, so that chill by taking a drink at any place.

The grip is clear spray-on. With this new skateboard by Santa Cruz, island style is brought to skating. The Rasta graphics are amazing, and one can easily relax while being on them. It has a sturdy seven-ply construction and a great kick tail.

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – What we like

I like the Rasta style graphics and colors used in the board, lends it a vibrant and energetic feel. There is a black reverse dot top logo which also has some smooth Rasta-colored rails.

Proper traction is provided on the spray-on grip, so that no compromises can be made on the graphics. The green wheels are translucent and they further add to the glamorous look of this cruiser skateboard.Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – What Owners Think

This board is lovely to look at and is unique in a whole lot of ways. The complex details and specifications enable it to be open to all people for sheer enjoyment. Young cruisers, who love adventure, would be able to explore new places on this board, without the risks of falling or accidents.

Its awesome specifications appeal to both new and old cruisers. The contrasting colors have been a talking point; in case of this board as people seem to love it. The design is so fresh and new, that it is sure to grab the attention of people all over. The graphics are properly done, and it is made sure that they do not wear off due to constant riding.Santa Cruz Rasta Wheels

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – Overall Thoughts

The performance of the Rasta lonboard has been incredible and this has been informed by all people who have bought. Every detail posted about the board is true and genuine. People who have received them, found them with their perfect specifications as had been notified in the sites.

Performance of the Santa Cruz Rasta has been incredibly good and youngsters had found their true passion in it. It fulfills the requirements that the new generation has.