World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser

Pros: The shape and graphics are what make the Flameboy Custom Cruiser stand out above others, the board itself is made of quality 7 ply, strong canadian maple. Users have reported this board rides smooth.
Cons: Overall there were no real complaints, most people love the graphics and said it’s a great board.

Skateboards have been quite a revelation in the past and it is still now. It is a perfect companion for people who enjoy outdoor activities and at times like to pull up a few tricks by flipping with their skateboards. Moreover, these skateboards are quite convenient to carry and to move from place to another.

World Industries Flameboy Custom CruiserSome users of skateboards are of the opinion that these boards are way too better than a bicycle as it does not require any additional force to move or push these things.

So, if you are looking to own one of the best skateboards that are available in the market, then World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser is one of the widely recommended ones to choose from. The Flameboy name came from its polarizing graphic that depicts flames.

It is a beautifully crafted cruiser board which has a high quality finish, thanks to the 7 ply veeners of the Canadian Maple that comes with a grip top that is sugar coated. The skateboard also comes with custom World Industries branded wheels and trucks.

The wheel size is 82a 65mm that comes with bearings Abec 5. The competition is tough when it comes to skateboard cruisers as there are numerous companies that are pouring in to the market offering innovative & designer cruiser boards.

Excellent built-quality and premium finish

World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser is a mean machine that is ideal for those users who are into heavy usage with quick slide and flipping of the board. This cruiser is meant for rough handling & usage, but it does not look like one because of its fines finish that is its unique selling point.World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser Back

The first thing that anyone would notice about the board is its premium design & feel along with a fine polish maple finish. The skateboard is roughly 5.8 pounds in weight because of the 7 ply thick maple deck and it measures 25.4 x 9.8 x 5.2 inches.

It is ideal for buyers to compare between the prices of the product on various stores so that they can bag the best deals. Most of the reputed online stores offer shipping and delivery of the product worldwide, however, it is important to check out the rates and the policies to get all the details.

Compare prices and features to get the best deals

The World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser is rated among the top skateboards that are available in the market by customers from all over the world. The superb and high quality materials and excellent built quality has made this skateboard one of the top selling products.

The graphic design on top of the deck is uber-cool and it has been designed by the manufacturers keeping in mind the preferences of the youth. Make sure that before you buy the product to do a bit of research to get all the details about the product and to compare its features and prices on various shopping portals. This will ensure that you buy the best Flameboy Cruiser board.